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Ricoh Photocopiers


Copiers for Workplace Profitability


No matter their size, all businesses need copiers. From making backup copies of legal documents to producing company newsletters, photocopiers are a fixture in any modern office. However, choosing the right type of copier can be difficult for the manager who simply wants to get on with core business. Attempting to outsource copy jobs to a copy centre often leads to late or improperly copied items, leading to waste in time, money and materials.


Fortunately, PrinterCorp can assist your business in choosing and purchasing the right model of photocopier for your office needs. Whether the requirement is for small desktop copiers, or a photocopier that can copy, collate, and bind all at once, we have the industry experience and expertise to tailor the appropriate solution.


A business that directly handles its own advertising will likely need high-speed photocopiers that are suited to producing large numbers of flyers, while smaller offices may find themselves looking for conveniently sized copiers that fit in with the office décor. In either case, PrinterCorp’s skilled representatives can create a photocopier package that ticks all the required boxes, regardless of whether or not your business currently uses Ricoh, Xerox, Canon, Lexmark, HP or any other major brand of copier.


Even after the photocopiers are purchased, PrinterCorp will continue to provide support with long-term maintenance, supply, and repair services for any copier. From toner cartridges to preventative maintenance, we will ensure that the photocopier remains a useful and trouble free component of the office, letting workers focus on their jobs, rather than worrying about their copiers.


We strive to make working with PrinterCorp a long – term and enduring relationship that can benefit any company. PrinterCorp will continue to work with and analyse the needs of the company, so that as their needs evolve, they will always be equipped with the appropriate photocopiers. Contact us today to get started.

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