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Ricoh Colour Laser Printers


Benefits of Colour Laser Printers


Buying a colour laser printer for your business will assist in making the office run quickly while minimising operating costs. When compared to an inkjet printer, a colour laser printer is better for the environment, prints much quicker, and can create attractive reports or marketing materials for your employees or clients. See below for a few of the common advantages.


Cost Per Print (CPP) or Cost Per Copy (CPC)


The CPP is much lower for a colour laser printer, because toner is able to print several thousand sheets with one cartridge, while an inkjet cartridge can only print several hundred. Toner cartridges themselves cost more, but since they can print 10 to 15 times more pages, the initial cost quickly turns into major savings.


Less Waste


Even if you manage to squeeze every drop of ink out of an ink cartridge, it would still waste more resources and be worse for the environment than a toner cartridge. On average, less toner is needed for printing than if ink were used, and since the cartridge itself can print more pages, less are thrown away.




Laser printers excel at speed. Basic laser printers start at around 10-20 pages per minute (PPM), and large-scale printers can go up to 50 PPM or more. For busy offices, speed is a must, and only a laser printer can properly satisfy this need.


Colour is More Attractive


Very few people like looking at 20 shades of gray on a chart or graph, and marketing materials printed in black-and-white tends to lose appeal. A colour laser printer can help keep associate and customer attention, and can make reports and marketing materials much more attractive, leading to much better retention rates.


At PrinterCorp, we leverage our expertise to guide businesses toward choosing the correct solution for all their printing needs. Speak to our friendly team today to find out more about how a colour laser printer can benefit your business. Once we identify the best model for your requirements, we will help you source it at the lowest price.

Aficio SP C240DN
B&W - 16ppm | Colour - 16ppm
B&W - 20ppm | Colour - 20ppm
B&W - 20ppm | Colour - 20ppm
Aficio SP C320DN
B&W - 25ppm | Colour - 25ppm
Aficio SG 3110DNW
B&W - 29ppm | Colour - 29ppm
Aficio SP C430DN
B&W - 35ppm | Colour - 35ppm
Aficio SP C830DN
B&W - 45ppm | Colour - 45ppm
Aficio SG 7100DN
B&W - 29ppm | Colour - 29ppm
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