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PrinterCorp is a brand-agnostic office equipment supplier and offers a wide range of printers, photocopiers, scanners, fax machines and multifunctional devices (MFD’s).

By analysing our customer’s needs we seek the optimal fleet combination, which provides our customers with increased productivity, improved efficiency and greater return on investment (ROI).


We are dedicated to designing the best fleet mix for our customer’s needs, from our major global partners:



















PrinterCorp offers following options for our customers:



Customers have the opportunity to buy equipment from us and completely own it. We can still look after their service and maintenance.




a. Print Management Plan (PMP)

Print Management Plan is unique way to separate costs for black & white and colour prints. Using PrinterCorp’s PMP our customers could easily upgrade as needs change, with variation programme. PrinterCorp’s PMP affords our customers unheralded flexibility to add, change or remove equipment at any point during the agreement and to take advantage of the latest and greatest in new technological advancements.


b. Renting the equipment

By renting the equipment our customers have the latest digital technology and the efficiency improvement within their office without any capital expenditure. The equipment remains the property of PrinterCorp even after the agreement has expired so there is no ownership risk for their businesses. 


c. Leasing the equipment

The customer agrees to lease the equipment for a set a period of time, at a fixed payment. At the end of the term customer must pay the residual stated on the lease title to the goods passes to the customer.









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