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Managed Print Services – PrinterCorp’s Specialty



Although it is rarely a core business driver, the print and management of any company’s documentation is critical to most organisations.  


Outsourcing this vital business process to a company which will look after all your printing and document workflows, by finding the perfect fleet mix for your specific needs, servicing the equipment and replacing all the consumables in time, you can devote your human resources to focus on your core business strategy and achieve increased productivity and massive cost savings.  


That is why there is constantly increasing demand for Managed Print Services in the current Australian business environment. Companies are looking for all-inclusive contracts, without having to worry about their equipment and maintenance.  


What is PrinterCorp’s Managed Print Services (MPS)?


PrinterCorp’s MPS is a model where PrinterCorp controls and manages the entire print infrastructure of the company. PrinterCorp has designed software called iManage to remotely collect meter reads, automate supply fulfi­llment and report service information for managing fleets of printers & multi-functions devices (MFD’s).  


To say it in the simplest way:  Our customers or end-users think only about the document they want to print from their devices, regardless of where those devices are.  

We analyse our customer’s document environment, trying to completely understand the nature of their document workflow and costs associated with managing their printing, documents and workflow processes. The result of this analysis is the strategy that will help our customers to reduce their printing costs, improve their workflows and increase their productivity.  


Ongoing service provides customers with the ability to monitor their print costs and volumes and to upgrade at any time to achieve better results and higher return on investment (ROI).    


The End-user Benefits of Managed Print Services?


The major benefits of Managed Print Services are cost-savings, without a doubt.   But companies shouldn’t underestimate the importance of other benefits that could help them to improve their business efficiency.    


We help our customers to:   


- stop wasting consumables, paper, toner, ink, time  

- consolidate and centralize all their equipment, including printers, scanners, fax machines and multifunctional devices (MFD’s)

- increase their efficiency by replacing old machines with new ones where needed

- allocate the printing costs to each user, department or client

- free themselves from the time and expense of managing their printings and documents

- use their resources more productively for projects related to the core business of the company

- increase their profitability  


By engaging with PrinterCorp’s Managed Print and Managed Document Services, some of our customers enjoy savings of 10-15% across the entire company. If you want to know what type of savings or business process improvement we can achieve within your company, please speak with one of our specialists on 1300 799 919 or submit the enquiry on our Contact Us page.  


What you can expect from PrinterCorp Professional Services?


PrinterCorp's Managed Print Services has created a unique service delivery model that can be tailored to your needs. It allows services to be expanded to multiple sites within an organisation, providing cost savings and increased efficiencies.  


Before implementing any PrinterCorp Managed Print Services or Managed Document Services solution, we establish a clear set of goals that are designed to meet your business needs.  


The PrinterCorp consultancy team will work with you to:    


- Familiarise themselves with your organisation, to identify opportunities for Business Process Improvement (BPI) and clarify the scope of all related activities;

- Gain support from key stakeholders and clearly communicate the processes for your managed service solution;

- Clarify ownership, roles, responsibilities and accountability, as well as reporting requirements; 

- Identify any risks to the successful process improvement; and

- Provide a schedule of milestones and progress and develop a detailed project implementation plan.

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