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In today’s business climate it is common practice for businesses to finance their office equipment requirements. It allows them to invest the limited capital they have available in more productive projects and profit-making ventures. 


PrinterCorp offers Finance packages that provide our customers with a total solution for their office automation requirements. It has the flexibility of tailoring payments to the customer’s specific cash flow requirements with options such as: monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annually or education payment options. 


Our finance agreements are as simple and convenient as possible. Paperwork has been minimised and the finance approval process is constantly being enhanced.      


PrinterCorp Finance offers:

- Competitive rates

- Complete flexibility with a total package tailored to your needs

- No upfront establishment fee or deposit required

- Ability to upgrade at anytime during the term of the agreement (conditions apply)

- Simple, easy-to-understand documentation

- Straightforward obligations

- One partner for all your office equipment requirements  



Print Management Plan (PMP)  


This plan is used when customers want their costs expressed as a cost per print rather than traditional monthly rent installment or lease costs.   


When the agreed total number of prints has been invoiced to our customer and paid for, the agreement ceased. Prints in excess of the agreed monthly volume reduce the maximum term of the agreement. The PMP agreement is more flexible than a fixed term rental or lease arrangements.   


With the PMP our customers only pay for the agreed minimum monthly prints or the actual monthly usage.    


PrinterCorp’s customers receive one simple monthly invoice for the number of prints made or the agreed number of prints.  


If our customer’s needs change during their Print Management Plan arrangement, they can take advantage of the latest technology and upgrade their equipment with no fuss, using PrinterCorp’s variation programme.   


It is all-inclusive, which means it includes all service calls, preventive maintenance, replacement parts and full operator training.    


 Rental Plan


A Rental Plan is an arrangement where equipment is rented for a specified monthly rental amount over a minimum fixed term.    At the end of the agreed fixed term, our customers may return the equipment or they may upgrade the equipment to the latest technology, or they may continue to rent the same equipment on a month-by-month basis.   


The equipment being rented always stays the property of PrinterCorp, even after the Rental Plan has expired, which eliminates the ownership risk for our customers.   


Normally rental payments are tax deductible and the Rental plan is considered “Off Balance Sheet Financing”.   


If needed, there is an option for a Rental Variation, which has been created to simplify the process of adding or deleting equipment to a current Rental contract.     


Lease Plan


A Lease is one of the most mature finance products in the market today. The customers agree to lease the equipment at a fixed payment for a set period of time.   


At the end of the term the customer pays a residual value as stated on the agreement, then title of the goods passes to the customer.   


At the end of the term ownership of the goods will pass to the customer.  



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