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PrinterCorp: The Experts in Digital Business Printing Equipment


For more than 25 years PrinterCorp has been providing business printing equipment and associated solutions to the Australian business world, and we are proud of our reputation for the quality, reliability and performance of our products, maintenance and service. We are the fastest growing privately owned Managed Print Services company in Australia, delivering excellence and innovation on a national basis.


Leaders in Digital Printing Equipment Technology


We are also proud of the number of clients whose offices are now automated using our business printing technology. This has established PrinterCorp as the market leading brand-agnostic supplier at the forefront of the digital office revolution. Every company that comes to us has its own particular needs and issues, and solving your unique problems is what PrinterCorp does best.


Integrated Business Equipment Systems


Over the years we have developed a very clear understanding of what our corporate clients are trying to achieve when they install new printing equipment. We understand that making savings by cost effectively managing your document production and imaging devices is high on your agenda. PrinterCorps integrated combination of hardware and software creates an efficiency company managers could once only dream about.


Whether you have a big office network with multiple users and complex reporting issues, or you are looking for a one-off printer or photocopier, or a basic modular multifunctional device you can build on at your own pace, our strength is in being able to guide you through the technological maze from purchasing, financing, installation, maintenance and servicing.


Document Management Solutions


At PrinterCorp we are embracing the IT needs of organisations and have subsequently built our comprehensive and innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) inventory around these priorities. This is formulated around, and integrated with, our Managed Print Services (MPS) offering.


Business Process Management (BPM) and collaboration are regarded as the most important projects to increasing organisations productivity. Enterprise Content Management (ECM), which falls under our Managed Document Services (MDS) portfolio, is a necessity to promoting productivity and streamlining unnecessary costs within any organisation. With the ability to automate workflows and manage your files electronically, you can streamline your processes through Business Process Optimisation (BPO) and manage them more effectively.


 This is just the beginning of what we can do for you. Our abilities cover:

- Cloud Printing

- Follow-You Printing

- Cost Allocation and Distribution

- User and Device Printing Analytics with Accountability

- Document Capture and Distribution


Professional Services


If your organisation requires high quality document production but printing is not your core business, PrinterCorp's Professional Services can provide a customised solution.


PrinterCorp Professional Services provides an end-to-end solution for customers, where PrinterCorp manages a range of non-core services including print production that are measured against clearly defined KPIs. This enables you to focus on your core business while achieving cost savings.


PrinterCorp's unique service can have our qualified consultants thoroughly analyse every aspect of document production in your organisation, creating a service with specialised management expertise in delivering:


- Onsite managed print and copy centres

- Bulk host data printing

- Variable data and trans-promo printing

- Printer fleet management

- Document imaging services

- Marketing material production

- Transition and change management

- Onsite and offsite document management services


Why Managed Print Services?


Are your internal services not effective, reliable or flexible enough for the requirements of the business?

Is e-business driving significant IT investments and a shift in quality demands?

Are service failures and dissatisfaction becoming boardroom issues?

Does your business face increased costs from outsourcing high volume and/or specialised printing and finishing?


A decentralised, complex print environment increases your overall costs and reduces flexibility in responding to change or opportunities inhibiting business growth. With PrinterCorps Managed Print Services, you can improve your organisations service support and delivery, for:


- Better flexibility, agility and quality

- Process improvement and automation

- Reduced risk and lower costs


Our Life Cycle Equipment Management solution is based on a cradle to grave philosophy and is designed to manage all of your document needs regardless of the equipment vendor. Through this approach, PrinterCorp strives to increase your organisations service standards, deliver innovation through technology, streamline business processes and provide expertise through consulting services.


Green Program - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle


At PrinterCorp we prolong the life of our products by reusing or recycling used materials into a feed stream for new products.


Through our partners recycling, consumption reduction and emission reduction programs we have diverted tonnes of trade waste products from land fill. Our take-back programs are not limited to machines and consumables, and in an industry first, we operate a parts recycling program.


Service parts are either recycled using the Collection boxes at the customers premises or removed and returned by our service technicians to PrinterCorps designated recycling receptacles. In fact, our recovery rate of recyclable materials from copiers and printers that have out-lived their useful life cycle is currently 98%!


Material from our e-Recycling plant typically goes back into the production of reusable items that make a further contribution to the wider community and harmonise with the environment. These are often in the form of Educational materials, such as rulers, sporting equipment, or park benches.


Finding the Perfect Fit


 PrinterCorps Managed Print Services has created a unique service delivery model that can be tailored to your needs. It allows services to be expanded to multiple sites within an organisation, providing cost savings and increased efficiencies.


PrinterCorp Managed Print Services applies a best practice, proven framework that ensures ongoing improvement of print service support and delivery in line with your business objectives. You can even add noncore services to the centres operations, such as mailroom and imaging functions.


What you can expect from PrinterCorp Professional Services


Before implementing any PrinterCorp Managed Print Services or Managed Document Services solution, we establish a clear set of goals that are designed to meet your business needs.


The PrinterCorp consultancy team will work with you to:


- Familiarise themselves with your organisation, to identify opportunities for Business Process Improvement (BPI) and clarify the scope of all related activities


- Gain support from key stakeholders and clearly communicate the processes for your managed service solution


- Clarify ownership, roles, responsibilities and accountability, as well as reporting requirements


- Identify any risks to the successful process improvement


- Provide a schedule of milestones and progress and develop a detailed project implementation plan.


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